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Safe Control of Operations 1 & 5 Originators of Routine Operations

Course Reference



1 day


All gas industry personnel involved in providing and/or part completing permitry documentation for Routine Operations on the Gas Networks and certain types of meter installations including, but not strictly limited to those who are:  technical administrative personnel  those involved in providing supporting evidence or approval for aspects of the operation e.g. DNCC personnel


To ensure nominated individuals satisfy NGT/EU Skills national standards applicable to Originators of Routine operations.


On completion of the course candidates will be able to:

  • State the roles and responsibilities outlined in the procedure 
  • State when the various permitry types are used
  • State the requirements for maintaining records 
  • Describe the process for transferring individuals between companies
  • Describe the deviation and communication process
  • State the inspection, monitoring and audit requirements



Trainer led theory, case studies and written assessments.


Candidates must be familiar with appropriate SCO documentation, and must be nominated by a Reviewing Managers.

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Andy Crowder - Managing Director, Utilities, Morgan Est

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